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Originally Posted by AChipOffTheOldBrock View Post
I can doubt science if I want to. I dont need an excuse. And I understand most basic science. Ive always gotten As on my science tests and never gotten worse than a B in any science class if that counts for anything. And I dont believe it is. At least not in the way its been shown to me.

and no Toujours I dont think I have. Ive asked questions about other things that didnt make sense to me like parts of the Evolution theory but Ive always been scoffed at and ignored. I dont know why I would ask my science teacher anything. I dont think very highly of her opinion.
Okay, let's approach it from this way - outer space is something that's been accepted by everyone. Millions upon millions of scientists that have been learning more and more about the planets, stars, galaxies out there, sending out probes, pouring billions of dollars a year into this kind of research. It's so widespread that Googling "outer space doesn't exist" doesn't come up with even half-reputable sources in all the pages I searched for it (for the record I went 5 pages deep). The world is critical and loves a scandal; take the global warming numbers that were fudged and how the news was all over it.

What's the motive for the millions of people across centuries of time all reporting the same thing, no people debunking it, no one disagreeing with it? Why would they do that? Why not just tell the truth, if it didn't exist?

In addition, your complete dismissal of all science should be logically followed by a replacement with your own beliefs. While it may be "simpler" for you to just do some hand-waving and say "God did it with magic!", it's not the sign of an intelligent, educated person to not attempt to understand the world around them.

Edit, since you posted again: Droomph is 100% right. Do you have scientific proof that shows that his is baseless? Obviously they're not going to go into all the science in a TV special, because people without a significant background in science wouldn't understand even the most basic concepts. And why do you say gravity comes from the Earth? The scientific explanation of gravity is that gravity is caused by mass. You can acknowledge that planets move, you can see them at times in the sky (such as Venus certain times of the year). Why are you seeing them again and again? They move, but then come back. Why? Because of their mass, their gravity puts them in orbit in a balance with all the other planets in the galaxy and our star.

Also, you have to specify how much science you dismiss due to your "beliefs". Do you believe the Earth is flat? Do you believe in the boiling point of water? Do you believe that you have a body?

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