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Originally Posted by AChipOffTheOldBrock View Post
When did I make a claim of fact? Ive never read any scientific papers because im not interested in Space because I dont think it exists in the way most people do.

@Swiftsign, I have cable. Photos can easily be faked. Im not sure what the sun is but I have a hard time believing its a ball of burning gas 90 million miles away that we all rotate around at astronomical speeds. The things you see in the sky could just be illusions like the northern lights. Maybe the moon is higher than any plane can fly, or else its not a rock that people can stand on but some sort of optical illusion like the northern lights.

Im going to say again, I dont think there is nothing out in space but I dont think its the way everyone else thinks it is. It doesnt make sense to me.
If you have no wish to make a real argument, stop arguing. The purpose of an argument is to present evidence and arrive at a truth; if you have no intention of arriving at a truth because you choose ignorance over knowledge, then no one here can help you. "Space doesn't exist" is a statement of fact. Even if you say it's a belief, you believe in an objective statement. Therefore, logic would dictate that you have a logical reason to think this. Logic would dictate since you're so secure in this claim, that you have done intellectual research and found mistakes in the research of the rest of the scientific community. Do you not believe in logic either, like the earth being round and water boiling?

The claim of fact you made is that there are people that do believe this. To say a claim like that, you have to back it up. Who are these "people" that you believe over the millions of scientists that think you're wrong? Why are they more reliable than the consensus of everyone else in the world?

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