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Originally Posted by Live in Color View Post
Thank you! I'm going to get to Nimbasa to battle the trainers there. Also figured out that if you go to Driftveil Drawbridge and pick up all of the feathers all of them except for the Pretty Wing sell for 1500 each, and you manage to get 10 in a minute pretty much.
Not necessarily. Sometimes you get three battles in a row.

I always say take a Fighting type Pokémon to Nacrene City just before the change in the day and travel west to chip a fragment off the Challenge Rock there. When the day has changed (it doesn't go right at 12:00, it takes almost a minute to fully register), chip off another piece. Fly to Icirrus and go into the Pokémon Center and there's a quick 19,600 from the Ore guy next to the counter.

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