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Originally Posted by Iloveeevee View Post
Welcome new members :D I added you both already.
So for mine turn to answer:
What Pokemon did you chose as your Pokemon and partner Pokemon and why?
Eevee is my favorite Pokemon so of course I want to be an Eevee. I chose Pikachu as my partner because that was who I chose when I played Time/Darkness (forgot which one I have lol).
I guess i should answer the topic as well.
What pokemon did you chose as your Pokemon and partner Pokemon and why?
Well in the first mystery dungeon game that i got (Explorers of darkness) I decided that i would go with whichever pokemon i got first. And my very first pokemon was squirtle, Which was also one of my favorite pokemon at the time so i was lucky. And for my partner i wanted to chose something strong and a different type from mine. So i chose Turtwig, and i went on an emotional roller coaster as i progressed through the game and will not ever forget the amount of fun i have had in those games. And in my opinion the plot and story line in the mystery dungeon games is far better then any of the main games.

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