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Originally Posted by mrsnuggles View Post
i know that but are they print screening & then Editing out everything but the maps or what?

here is one of my maps, Its called the great forest but im more than happy to take better name suggestions

Ye print screen, paste and crop it. Just like you did It will be very easy to get lost in that map. Its just a series of trees and bushes. Nothing that a player could use for orientation. Add some dirt paths, add some water perhaps, elevate/lower some areas, add unique features or even recolour some trees (I think recolouring the leaves in a few trees is such a good idea that I'm gonna go do it in my own project xD). . Its a good start though :-)

Later, if you want to take in-game shots of your game, you can do that by pressing ALT+Printscreen

Originally Posted by Bramvdh View Post
Hi! I'm making maps for Pokenation. Please tell me what you think about them so I can improve them later on.

Holly. Man these are amazing. I like how you re-imagined the classic locations yet you stayed true to the original. I do have a question though... if its an online game... shouldn't you be worried about choke points? Or could players just walk over each other? You potentially have quite a few there. :-)
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