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Originally Posted by NecrumWarrior View Post
As cool as it is to meet the creator, I feel a little disappointed that my getting the first B2W2 shiny of the club is going to be dwarfed by this. Not that I'm an attention hog or anything, I was just looking forward to more congratulations.

But welcome back Aaryn! I just joined in July of this year, and after about a two months of hunting, I got a Shiny Charmander! Now I have a wild Sewaddle?! It's just so crazy that after 10 years of no sparkles, I would get 2 shiny Pokemon in the same year. Thanks to you, I have a place to tell people about this miracle.

Also, I suppose this is what you guys called a "Bucket of Luck." Hopefully I can squeeze a third Shiny out this year! XD
this is a Shiny Huting club, isn't it? :)

The most important thing here is catching shiny pokemon!

Even more when the new games are out, so being the first one to get a shiny is indeed a great feat! I'd even put that on the first post, kind of an "honor board" or something, stating these kind of achievements.

"First to capture a Shiny in B/W 2"

You catch my drift.

Congratulations on that!

It wasn't my intention at all to dwarf or take attention from what I feel is really important here.

About two shinies in a row being crazy:

I know what you mean, I had a pair of shinies or three when I started talking about catching shinies with ryan, Pazzcat and SkinnyGreenMan... suddenly when all my attention was focused on shiny hunting, they started popping everywhere.

I spent loads and loads of hours hunting, hatched trillions of eggs...reset thousands of times... etc. Lots of hours lol, no more time for that kind of hunting though.

My story since I left:

when i started the club I was 16, we talked about shiny hunting between some forum memebers, if I recall correctly though, appart from the founders, MetalMario, Latios Master and Lady Demonica where also pretty involved. the idea of making the club was ryan's idea though. I think I was the official founder out of luck really. But it was really the way we became friends here. I felt they were real friends, I enjoyed every conversation I had with these guys and gals.

I was having the best time of my life with a videogame. It felt too good to be true. I couldn't believe a videogame could involve such social interaction. Only pokemon could manage this. Not even MMORPG or any other type of online games makes me feel like these games did back then with this club.

It started with ruby and sapphire, and some time later my life went into a spiral of pain and distress(lol, how dramatic). My grandpa fell sick and died, and so did my grandma (Alzheimer). One of my uncles suffered a sudden heart attack and died while he was shaving and another uncle of mine died of lung cancer earlier this year. I've experienced some tough stuff really.

I came back in 2007 and 2009 I think, whenever I had time to feel nostalgic and remember this. REALLY off and a couple of times on.

Some more stuff happened to me, but I managed to keep going and all turned out pretty well. In fact i feel the luckeist person alive! :P (except for NecrumWarrior, who catched the first B/W 2 shiny! xD)

This club has always been there in the back of my head, so as soon as I had White 2 in my hands, I got the flash. The Club! Will it still be alive? And bingo, here you guys are.

I should have at least posted something more telling why I was not going to be able to be here, or said goodbye, or something, but I didn't, everything felt like it was rushing by, so yeah. In fact, if I look back, it feels like no time has passed at all. Wierd feeling.

I needed a DS back in te day,after ruby/sapphire... couldn't play diamond till I borrowed my friends DS, no hunting there though., skipped Diamond and played a bit of SS/HG. Then Came B/W 1. Played a bit and had to give it back T_T

I really didn't play much at all, I didn't finish any game after ruby, which I put hundreds of hours into.

I got a 3DS XL on release, so now I can enjoy any pokemon game that comes out on DS or 3DS. I got White 2 and was super nostalgic and excited.

When I finish the game I'll start hunting like I did back then. i intend to put loads of hours into this version, like I did with ruby. This will be my reentry to the series.

Wont be able to do it so intensively though haha.

so yeah, TL;DR, glad to be back. and thanks for keeping this thing going. I could udnerstand perfectly if anyone was mad at me or felt as if, idk, I shouldn't be here or whatever.

if you guys have anything to tell me or ask me, feel free to PM me.
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