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Quote originally posted by ~JV~:
One day, about 6-7 years ago a friend of mine showed me rmxp and I liked it, I just messed around with it using the default resources. At the same time, being a pokémon fan, I started playing Pokemon Crater, a browser pokemon game and found out about pixel art on the forums there. Then I created a region sprite project, named Tandor Region Project (the region on Uranium =p), it was all going good, the dex was growing and all when suddenly Pokemon Crater got down and never came back. That's when I move to PC and found out I could join together both of my interests! By that time there wasn't Essentials, it was just the old and buggy Blizzy's starter kit haha... good times!

Ah yes I remember pokemon crater, I joined it an a week later Nintendo shut it down : / (or so my friends told me)

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