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After replaying the Hoenn games a few months ago, I realised just how much I actually liked the games, and though I'm not all for the Pokemon, I still like them. So still gonna join this :D

Name: Olli97
Where do you live: Mosdeep City, without any Pokemon that knows Surf :(
Who are your two friends: Mudkip and Breloom, both are awesome and amazing in battle :D

Since there isn't any topic at the moment, I'm just gonna go ahead and start one:

The third generation Pokemon designs have often been subject to critcism, due to being of "lower quality" than the generation that came before. What is your opinion on the designs of the third generation Pokemon?

I gotta say, as I mentioned at the start of my post, I'm not much for their designs. I agree that the quality and concepts took a turn for the worse in the jump to the third generation, which is actually one of the reasons that I initially didn't like the third generation games. I've learned to live with it, and they're not bad per se, but compared to the older designs, they just appeared unoriginal, probably because it was kinda the same stuff that kept appearing, and the ones that were original just didn't feel that good. I must say, there are a lot of strong ones and a few ones I do really like the design of, but I feel like even the 5th generation, which has been heavily critized, brought forth better and more creative designs than the third generation. I mean, heck, even if a Pokemon based on ice cream is stupid and really doesn't belong, you can't help but admit that it is an original idea compared to a Pokemon like Whismur. I mean what even is it. I'm in no way saying I don't like the Pokemon, they just don't really live up to my expectations from what we've recieved in the four other regions and feel like it was a rather poor job done in this generation compared to all the others. I'm excited to hear what other people think though.

I'd also like it if there was a section in the post for sprites of the Hoenn Pokemon, just so that it'd be easier selecting partner Pokemon for those that are unsure :p And on the request of a friend of mine, could you change the text in the blue CSS box to a colour that is less likely to blend in with the background, since on certain styles, it appears completely unreadable :p
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