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Quote originally posted by CycloneGU:
Water access and a big building full of hotel rooms, bars, and casinos.

Well, at least the water access. And no sandstorm.

! Yeaaah it'd be nice if it was like an oasis so you had like water with desert-y Pokemon in it (which'd mean the Unova dex would've probably had to have been expanded, although Sandile may be appropriate?) But yeah the sandstorm is nothing like a resort.

Quote originally posted by Brendino:
I always just figured that it was a mistranslation, and was supposed to be the Resort Desert (after taking a peek at Bulbapedia, this does indeed seem to be the case). Given that, I guess the name is somewhat fitting, as the Relic Castle could have very well been a resort-like area.
Oh that's unfortunate. :( Don't know why they didn't just fix it at the time, tbh, since a mistranslation like that can't have slipped through a whole team of testers easily really. But the castle nope I don't see that as a resort area at all.
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