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Originally Posted by Ihsman07 View Post
I've found myself liking Ampharos, which I've rarely ever seen anyone use. I started liking Ampharos because I realized how powerful it is as well as how good its stamina is ever since I played Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness when Mareep was one of the Shadow Pokemon you catch near the beginning of the game. Now that I think about it, I believe I did train the Flaaffy you catch in Pokemon Colosseum too.
Actually, Ampharos is one of the more popular gen 2 Pokemon out there. Close to a fan favorite in my perspective so I'm pretty sure you're not alone

Lemme try one now

Am I the only one who likes Purugly? Most would classify it as a Meowth nock-off but there always is room for more species of cats in the Pokemon universe. It's stats are decent to overall be more reliable then a lot of the other cat Pokemon and I feel it kind of symbolizes that beauty in one's life never last forever. It's also kind of cute in an odd sort of way.
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Video game related top tens anyone?
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