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Sewaddle's not much better in my opinion, but at least it has a cool pallet!

@Le Krome Just in case you don't know, you aren't able to catch Black/White Kyurem upon initial encounter. You have to catch Kyurem after the main story, then catch Reshiram/Zekrom. So if you want it to be shiny, hunt Kyurem after the main story. Reshiram/Zekrom don't need to be shiny since only Kyurem's data is used on it's forms. Actually, this is good info for everyone. I hope this helps anyone looking to hunt Kyurem in B2W2!

@Dratizard I'm not going to use it, but not because of my starter. Because I think Sewaddle's shiny is cooler than it's evolutions. Plus I'm using Sunflora as my grass type!
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