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Not convinced at all. I believe that he had the experience he says he had but the part of the article that really stands out to me was "According to current medical understanding of the brain and mind". Current medical understanding - and this man knows as well as anyone that has studied neuroscience and, tbh, anyone at all, that our current medical understanding is not particularly wide compared to other fields of science. As such I'm more inclined to believe that something biologically normal which we simply don't understand yet happened than I am to believe that this man experienced heaven. It's also worth noting that, while he admits that he never had a profound faith in the afterlife, Alexander calls himself a Christian so that probably stands for something regardless.

...although tbh it makes me kinda sad that we have to wait for someone with fancy qualifications to experience a religious phenomenon before we give it a second thought. Had someone else had this experience we'd have simply brushed it off. It's annoying. "You require a PhD to have any sort of opinion on a religious matter which will be taken seriously" basically. |:
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