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Shawn had been awake since early morning, walking among the flowery meadows near his house in Floaroma Town. He was pretty much alone, as usual. His parents went around to the different towns and cities in Sinnoh, selling their honey that they make. Walking within the meadow usually helped relax him, especially with his Ivysaur walking beside him. As he walked, he thought about his life here and felt that he was being confined. "I wish," he thought,"that I could leave this small town and be part of something greater!" Ivysaur growled in agreement, but then quickly turned to their right. Curious, Shawn looked in the same direction...and could not believe his eyes.

The pollen from the flowers were swirling around in front of them and joining together to form looked like a pokemon. It seemed familiar, even though he had never seen it before. All of a sudden, it clicked! It was Arceus himself, but quickly shook his head. "It can't be. Arceus is just a myth!" he thought.

The form then spoke, "Do not be confused, Shawn, for I have come to warn you of a coming disaster. An evil wizard, Sentor, has found way to open the Dimensional Gate. When he opens it, darkness will engulf the planet, and he, being able to control the darness, will rule the world."

Shawn's eyes grew wide with excitement as his stomach felt like it had Butterfrees fluttering inside. "This is unreal. Why are you telling me all this?"

"You have something," Arceus explained,"that very few trainers have: an inner pokemon. Learning to use this properly will give you untold powers. This power will help stop this catastrophe before it starts."

Shawn didn't know what to think. All he could think of was his thought before this. "Be careful what you wish for..." he thought to himself, before looking up to the pollen-made form. "Ok, then," he proclaimed,"I'll need to know what to do first."

Arceus' form glowed brightly, causing Shawn to shield his eyes. "Grab everything you have and proceed to Hearthome City. Look for a trainer named Stellar. He will be at his house, waiting for you." Shawn, looking confused, asked,"But how will I know this guy? What does he look like?" Arceus replied,"You'll know when you see him." With that last statement, the pollen settled down back onto the flowers.

Shawn couldn't believe his luck. Finally, an adventure! Returning Ivysaur to his pokeball, he raced back to his house and packed everything he had into his backpack. Slinging the heavy bag onto his back, he went around to the backyard, where he kept his bike. Donning his sunglasses, he climbed up onto the bike and proceeded to ride to Hearthome City.

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