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Dear Anonymous,

Remember that night when we were talking about popularity and I ended up talking about my other 5 friends IMing me at the same time? How are you offended by that? You were the one that asked me that. You wanted to know who else was IMing me, when I asked you the same question, and you said I was the only one. I don't understand you, really.

And after that night, you immediately stopped talking. And that tweet you posted, I'm pretty sure that's directed at me. If you have a problem with me, at least mention it to my face. Things like this piss me off and I'm getting tired of you hinting that you're mad at me. Do me a favor and chill. If you don't like my current schedule, or my social life then move away from me and go do other stuff.

Honestly, I really miss you and I care for you. Why did you become such a total...well I wouldn't say. You were my best best friend. You were my brother. Now...I feel like we've definitely fallen apart. I really want to talk to you right now, but...I can't. You're mad at me, offended of my busy schedule. Tonight, I can't call you a "best friend" anymore.
So far away we wait for the day,
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