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@Machomuu: Well... unique is a pretty nice way of putting it. I'm amused that you thought it was possible to make her an 'addition' though. I mean... just think about what she did for a moment. Didn't talk. Just violently flung herself at a group of pokespirit wielders without warning or sufficient provocation. It was basically suicide. I made a point to describe that even Lucy was left bewildered and unable to understand what would possess a person to act that way.

I guess what I was trying to get at was that the girl you guys just ended was a great deal more vicious than the average person. I mean, normally brutality and cruelty is a result of the desire to survive, but if you read Anne's NPC Boss entry, she isn't even all that great at taking a hit. It was once again... basically suicide. I won't expand on that anymore than I already have, but I will say you'll be given chances to figure out more about her down the road.
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