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Originally Posted by Razer302 View Post
Seeing all this activity really has me wanting to get bak into the hardcore hunting and starting the socialness of the club back like it was back when I first joined. Been slowly playing through Black 2 before I pick up a new DS to start reseting on white 1 and 2 for shiny starters. Aswell as my continued hunt for my shiny spiritomb.

WB aaryn. Been a long time since I have seen you post. MM hasn't been here in ages but LLD pops up every now and then.

those were the days... sigh*

You're gonna buy a 3DS or a new DSi? Just curios, since I have a 3DS now and I'm debating about buying a DSi to play through Pokemon soulsilver and White 2... (I can afford these things now xD)
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