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Quote originally posted by Razer302:
Seeing all this activity really has me wanting to get bak into the hardcore hunting and starting the socialness of the club back like it was back when I first joined. Been slowly playing through Black 2 before I pick up a new DS to start reseting on white 1 and 2 for shiny starters. Aswell as my continued hunt for my shiny spiritomb.

WB aaryn. Been a long time since I have seen you post. MM hasn't been here in ages but LLD pops up every now and then.

those were the days... sigh*

You're gonna buy a 3DS or a new DSi? Just curios, since I have a 3DS now and I'm debating about buying a DSi to play through Pokemon soulsilver and White 2... (I can afford these things now xD)
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