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Originally Posted by PokémonShinySilver View Post
I might actually start playing though Pokémon: Dark Rising. It sounds really interesting and I surely would like to play through beta 1, so I'll download it right away and play it.

Edit: I just found little capitalization issue with "Wii U", as it's "WII U" instead of "Wii U" in the script in front of a Nintendo Entertainment System-like tile. I could actually design a Wii U tile for you if you'd like, DRG. Which will indeed replace the Nintendo Entertainment System tile.

To answer your question, there is NPRE... which I think may view or edit the scripts. I'm not sure because I haven't tried out the script editor part for it yet, but it does have the ability to open scripts and maps. But I know it can view and add objects to maps.
When I say script I mean scripting events that's what I mean.