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I liked the emphasis on N in the beginning. He was a mysterious semi-neutral presence, which made him interesting. By semi-neutral I mean that while he was for releasing pokemon, he seemed willing to listen to the players pokemon, and was sad that people like the player and their pokemon would be ripped apart by team plasma's plans. For a leader of an evil organization (even though it was really ghetsis, but meh, whatever) he was incredibly interesting - calm, passionate about what he was doing without seeming crazy, *cough* Archie *cough* and trying to better the world with an actual legitimate reason. (no offense Cyrus)

And I think that's part of what makes him so special. Also, of course, is how mysterious he and his upbringing is. It's a little creepy, is child hood room, and the fact that he was groomed to be a leader. And I felt so bad for him when Ghetsis betrayed him, I mean that was his only family.

Not only that, but he's special because he can talk to pokemon, and understand everything about them. If a legendary pokemon deemed him worthy, then there must be something extraordinary about him.

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