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Helix's Adventure
"The Return to Mercury"

Helix, Tyrogue and Emera walked down the path to Mercury City again. They had enough with training today and they all decided to go straight to the Pokemon Center. It was a rather an unusual day and past night they had. After seeing the 3 Legendary Dogs; Raikou, Entei, and Suicune the other night they were surely amused to see what would cross their path this time. Though, nothing happen.

They reached Mercury City quite exhausted and went straight to the Pokemon Center. Emera was delighted; she had a very much unexpected day, after being caught by that eerie bandit. They approached the nurse that was at the counter and was greeted.

“Why, Hello there” Nurse Joy greeted” Now don’t you look exhausted!”

“Very” Helix replied with a tiresome face. “We had superb day training and tomorrow, we shall bring the gym down”.

“Oh! Now that’s interesting” Nurse Joy said “Well I wish you the best”

“Indeed, thank you” Helix replied back as he straightened up. He looked down at his two Pokemon. They were awfully worn-out that’s for sure. “Now come on you two, time to heal you up”. Helix took out two Pokeballs and withdrew his two fatigued Pokemon. In a flash, they were both safely inside their Pokeballs.

“Can you please?” Helix asked as he handed over the Pokeballs.

“Sure” Nurse Joy replied and took the Pokeballs. She placed them in a somewhat of a platter and walked up towards a big machine. “You know, today was astonishingly busy in here. Two kids at your same age I guess crossed pass in here. One was a girl. She had an eye for determination I can say and from the looks of it, she seemed to be heading for the Mercury Gym. The other was a boy that was immensely impatient. He came in here with two Pokemon to heal and the next thing you know, he’s racing out the door steadfast to the Gym too. Well, that’s what I think he said after he bumped into the girl I was telling you about.”

“Oh really?” Helix exclaimed as he listened to Nurse Joy. It was not too late, and Helix wandered if they were still there. “It seems to me as they are my comrade, or as competitively said, Rivals”.

“Oh yes” Nurse Joy implemented as she came back with Helix’s Pokeballs. “They may still be there. Why don’t you just drop by there and see if they are rocking the Gym out?”

“Gladly” Helix replied. He had made up his mind. And that would be heading straight to the Gym.

“Now shall we see what my comrades have made of their Pokemons” Helix grinned as he walked out of the Pokemon Center.

To Be Continued…

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A Far Off Memory That's Like A Scattered Dream....!
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