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Wanted to make a quick update for True Gale

Beta 2 is not far away, it's honestly pretty close. Beta 2 will go from the 1st Town all the way up to the 3rd Gym (maybe 4th, I'm still trying to decide which since both are complete). True Gale now has a new menu created by xAlien95 and a map made by Rubylucario.

New things included in Beta 2 is the Quest System, Random Matchup System, Who's That Pokemon, the menu, the map, Sage Tournaments, and proper introduction to the new evil team: Team ??? (you'll find out when you play it), new battle backgrounds provided by LostImpact, and new battle animations.

Edit: Forgot to mention, friend on youtube, X-Ray98 is working on a Mystery Gift system for True Gale. Don't expect it to be finished by time Beta 2 is released.
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