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Originally Posted by Lecapria View Post
ACK MY PAGE WOULDNT REFRESH UNTIL NOW @.@ and this whole time i thought i had no posts


i need you guys who want a zorua to be specific about which one. theres a male and a female

I'm sorry the Scizor has already been called. You can wait to see if it becomes available again but Skarmory is yours~

Actually, I'm going to withdraw my want on the female Zorua and ask for the Vespiquen please Thank you! (I will message you my FC if you reply).

Flygon- Status - COMPLETE - Male, Lv. 100 (Thanks JeXsus!)
Magmortar- Status - COMPLETE - Female, Lv. 50 (Thanks LiveWire!)
Electivire- Status - COMPLETE - Male, Lv. 100 (Thanks LiveWire!)

Espeon- Status - Eevee
Umbreon- Status - COMPLETE - Male, Lv. 57
Milotic- Status - Complete - Male, Lv. 50

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