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Quote originally posted by PEDRO12:
The only thing worse than Furret is Spheal, I already said this to you over msn I believe? :3
I think perhaps a button as opposed to text + icon? A button could incorporate custom text with a good icons and perhaps another button that only contains the number of likes and reveals them upon click? :3
Idk, but honestly, I think the current icon is pretty good, but since people want Furret back...?
I wanted to do a button, but then I remembered it'd be a huge pain in the butt to make a new one for each style. >_>;

One option I'm thinking about is converting all of our buttons into stylized "div" buttons that aren't images, that way they'll be styled based on the style's colors and still look integrated, but without having to make a new image every time. Just a thought.

I did put the Furret back. o_o; Is it not showing up for you?

Quote originally posted by Toujours:
TF the Furret shows up if you like something!

One thing I noticed Audy, idk if this is working as intended or not, if you're the first person to like a post it says "You and 0 others like this post". It doesn't change to the "You like this post" until you switch pages. Not sure if it's intentional but just wanted to let you know :3
That's me being lazy, haha. I'll fix that soon. Another thing I noticed is that linking a post directly doesn't show the likes. :/ I'll look into that one.
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