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Originally Posted by CourageHound View Post
Ummm...I beleive myself to be a good artistto an extent so i'll participate. What we draw doesnt really matter to me. My only question is if it has to be like pencil on paper, or a computer generated drawing, cause I dun gots a photoshop and I suck at using DeviantArt's DaMuro.
No it doesn't have to be computer generated or anything like that, I am shooting for only Paper, Pencil, Pens, and/or Colored Pencils but you can do digital art if you wish :3
I will give more info later when I put this in the contest section of my OP

Originally Posted by CourageHound View Post
Bu...i think a good theme would be "The best of the xxxx Region". Showcasing the water types of a chosen region.
Hmm that sounds nice, I wish I could edit the poll!

EDIT:If you want to vote for Best of xxxx Region just tell me and I'll write it down somewhere, K's? Olli editted my Poll (Thanks buddeh) so you can now vote for that, unless you've already voted, just tell me if you want to switch and I'll subtract one from whatever you voted for and add one to the other choice.

Thanks everyone for voting!
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