Thread: 4th Generation: What did you dislike about it?
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Tell me, what other "worthless evolutions" were there other then Happiny and Mime Jr.
Mime Jr. wasn't worthless D: I love Mime Jr. (It in my top 5 cutest pokemon)

As for what I disliked about the 4th gen, I guess my biggest annoyance (which is the same in 5th gen as well) is that fire starter wasn't overly original to me. Fire-Fighting is so overdone that I can't help but to hate the pokemon.

I also disliked the map layout for the game. I know Gen 3 does the whole 'skip-this-gym-and-come-back-later' but it does it in the beginning and it is a small place that you wouldn't visit more than twice. With this one though, you have to visit some of the later cities multiple times before you even get the badge from there (I'm mainly thinking about Hearthome City).

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