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Originally Posted by RichterSnipes View Post
You may have noticed from my discussion with Jambo51 above that, from what I can tell, there is currently no "clean" way of having both a GB Player (actually, a complete alternate playlist) and variable (single-) track switching in the same hack. Although it's technically possible to do so, it would be quite messy and, frankly, not worth the headache and acrobatics involved.

G/S/C (and HG/SS, and fan remakes) make use of alternate battle music (wild Pokémon, trainer, and gym leader) depending on if the player is in Johto or Kanto. From what I understand, the current hacks out there do this by having the game store tracks in variables and switching them out whenever the player switches regions through one of a very limited amount of means. Such code would directly conflict with the GB Player code, making it impossible to have both without making things awfully convoluted.

It's a shame, really. But I guess that's what HG/SS are for. If anything, someone needs to get to improving the quality of the 8-bit music in those games!
Well, the incompatibility of the two comes from the fact that the code Mastermind_X wrote up isn't exactly the best way of handling the music swaps. For example, with a more complex and robust music changer, then having both would be rather easy. If someone would go through all the trouble of making GSC 8-bitish songs in good quality for CrystalDust, then I would certainly put in this feature (and CrystalDust includes the more robust music-swapping code I talked about).

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