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Flygon and Salamence are the best options for good coverage and move pools but if you want STAB on fly Salamence is the way to go (plus it has better stats). At this stage Altaria is doable but later in the game it pales in comparison. If you are okay to use legendaries you might want to wait till just before the E4 and get Raquaza since it basically laughs at everything else in the game.

For alternatives for the Dragons Agron is the way to go, epic movepool and good stats. Can't learn fly though.

Livid is right abotu Ice Beam and Shadow ball.
I'd swap Blaziken's Peck for Arial ace since peck is such a week move. I'd also swap double for Brick Break ASAP.
Gloom has a pretty sucky move-set right now. It doesn't need both powders so I'd maybe swap one for Giga Drain or a more effective offensive move.