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Yeah, permissions is one thing. You'd need a separate usergroup for every member to have power in a different section. I don't even know if it is possible to allow a user to have a power over a specific thread; I suspect the only way if possible is to code an addon and that seems a lot of work for something that imo isn't really necessary. (Going what I know of admin options with vB which I've played around with in the past, so someone else can correct me on that. =p But basically such permissions are section based, not thread-specific, so there's a major issue right off the bat.).

I say 'isn't really necessary' because if the club owner is really too inactive to update the first post but someone else wants to maintain the thread, they can ask a mod of the section (or an smod/higher) to either update the changes for them, or they can ask to remake the club so they have the opening post.

I also wonder how many people would really benefit as well. You mention cases where people co-own a club, but if they co-own I imagine one of them would be active anyway, and the first two posts could always be used, one per person. This might also apply in trade shops maybe, and... I don't see anything else that might be anywhere near the usual case. I don't know of many active co-hosted clubs after all.
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