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Originally Posted by jellicentfan1 View Post
You could make an argument for any type vs type. You could ask why ice doesn't resist water because it is frozen water. GF had to balance out the type chart to make all types have advantages and disadvanatges whether we like it or not. The game would not be the same if fight hurt psychic, IMO.
This all the way. Arguments can be made for all type advantages/disadvantages, so they all "make sense," but there has to be a limit somewhere.
Originally Posted by Omaeka View Post
I agree to a point, especially about the overall balance, and I see why it makes sense for psychic to hit fighting hard. It just doesn't make sense that, if Machamp punched Alakazam in the face at full power, it would be 'not very effective' when he could throw a rock at him instead and do decent damage.

I don't think it'd be too different if they hit eachother hard tbh.
By that logic, Fighting would be super-effective against everything, and I don't think I need to point out the problems that would cause.
Also, if you were to throw a boulder at someone at full power that would probably be considered "super-effective" too, if being "punched hard in the face" were to be. So Rock would be super-effective against everything, too. Or at least against Psychic, since you seem to think that Psychics are not very beefy by nature (although Reuniclus would beg to differ).

I can totally understand why, in your example with frail Alakazam, you would think that Fighting-type attacks should be super-effective. But as stated above, all type advantages/disadvantages can be argued. Because of that, limits need to be in place, or else everything would be super-effective against everything else. Also, as also stated above, not all Psychic-types are frail, and some actually have good reason for being able to resist such attacks.
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