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Most of the time, no. I tend to just ignore them and carry on browsing the site. I have adblock plus installed so most advertisements are blocked for me but for the few sites that I have it turned off, such as reddit or PC they tend to be generic things like computer games that I'm not interested in or random things that you could buy such as a lamp shaped like a zig-zag. Sometimes I might be curious and bored and will click on the ad but never have I ever bought anything from an advertisement.
Some advertisements can be useful, the only times I've ever bought something from a site that has advertisements up is when I've seen the site previously and I've visited their site via the ad and purchased something then. I don't think that counts though because I would've bought from that site even if there wasn't an advertisement up I would've purchased the item anyway.

Also, just a note to other users. If anybody posts "No because I have adblock" or something along those lines and nothing else your post will be deleted.

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