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Wow! Honestly I never met anyone who's from Egypt! Welcome aboard to the community, it is great to have you here!

To introduce myself, I'm Leaf Storm and I'm just your normal member here. xD I'd be glad to tell ya that PC is such an amazing community, and you will have SO MUCH FUN here. If you have the newer games like Black & White 2, get ready to meet tons of people as well as battle and trade! We have sections regarding those! xD But we also have sections that talk about older generations, especially the very first generations like RBY and GSC. You can also help people out with their Pokemon games by answering questions at the many quick question threads out there. We'd love your help. :)

Welp, I wish you the best of luck at University. I'm also a college student as well, so I know the feeling and stuff. xD Be sure to read the rules and I hope I see you around ok! Have fun!
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