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The fierce crimson gaze of the fading sun settling in behind the western hills of New Bark Town bore down upon Arthur as he stood at the edge of the lake smiling down at Ronin, his Feraligatr who was standing knee-deep in the placid waves of the lake amongst a herd of Tauros who had congregated to the oasis in town at the end of the season to drink and to mate. Ronin stood calmly observing the herd and they inclined their heads to him as they drank, watching carefully.

The alpha of the herd came forth swinging his head mistily stamping his feet at the edge of the waves. Ronin squinted slightly in the dim bronze sunlight smirking as the alpha stepped up to Ronin pushing him slightly back with his massive gnarled horns the alpha raised himself up to his full height attempting to head-butt Ronin in the gut but the intelligent Feraligatr simply placed a hand between the alpha’s horns, smiling as the flustered Tauros staggered back into the herd still blowing steam and the others continued to drink.

“Nice job, Ronin!” Arthur called, coming down the bank grinning broadly. “You managed to keep your cool and calm the alpha without disrupting the herd. You’re getting better and better each time.”
As Ronin turned to greet him raising a hand, a flash of light tore through the sky above them and visage appeared of an ancient Pokemon Arthur had only seen in books.

“Arthur Sullivan, I am a Pokemon known as Arceus. There is a great danger which will soon be upon this world. You are one of the few called upon the defend this realm you must go to Hearthome City and find a young man named Steller and a group of other trainers. Only together will you all be able to stop Sentor before his plan is in full effect.”

Arthur looked to Ronin and they both nodded grimly.

“I would say we don’t have much choice. If what you say is true then Sentor must be stopped.” Arthur said.

“Yes he presents a very great threat to us all. Now go do not waste time and tell no one of this. I must leave you now and warn the others you will know them when you see them.”

And with that, Arceus visage was gone. Arthur stood contemplating the route to the City by air and calculating whether to warn anyone else he recalled Ronin to his Pokeball.

“Don’t worry bud. You’re coming with me. Just don’t think we can get there by sea gonna have to go see the Professor about my bike.”

And so he bowed to the Tauros and turned back up the path to town to get his bike to head to Hearthome City.
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