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Being British I obviously am not as up to date as some on the US election, but due to my general interest in politics and surplus free time in school earlier I watched through the full second debate.

Now I'm well aware Romney has made more than a few blunders during his campaign, but based on my limited knowledge of the general situation and the evidence of this debate I think I'm more partial to him at this point. Maybe I'm just a bit obsessed with budgets being balanced, but it seems very important to me the deficit caused during the Obama adminstration compared with Romney's previous displayed ability at balancing budgets as a governor. It's a shame that he would prefer to keep his nation in the dark on his tax plan because it could be the key point that swings the election his way, but maybe that's just how US politics is meant to go.

Feel free to correct me on all mistakes I have managed to make there, as I say I'm not from the US and therefore no expert on their politics. :P
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