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I doubt thay would. Remakes is just that, tha sbee gbee updated and rebuggine fo new gbees. Thay hardly every do more than add new features or shawt additions. Back staries is possible, thay did that n HG/SS wit Silver and Giovanni Canonly lnkng tha two.

I don't see tao much pont gong nta E4 or Gym Leaders fo RS remakes unless thay is gong ta use Juan as a Gym Leader or extra character. At least explan Wallace/Juan's relation more. Nordawg can prolly git a better background as well, leadng up ta why you had ta move ta Hoenn.

Thay could prolly give Wally a more domnant rival role nstead of splittng tha rival role between him and May/Brendan. Though makng May/Brendan tha Dawn/Lucas/Bianca role would be a little upsettng and knda seem like a demotion. I mean I'd like fo Wally ta git more screen time as tha rival, but I don't want ta lose tha classic Othar Character Rival feel like n D/P.