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Originally Posted by XanderO View Post
I doubt they would. Remakes are just that, the same game updated and remade for new games. They hardly every do more than add new features or small additions. Back stories are possible, they did that in HG/SS with Silver and Giovanni Canonly linking the two.

I don't see too much point going into E4 or Gym Leaders for RS remakes unless they are going to use Juan as a Gym Leader or extra character. At least explain Wallace/Juan's relation more. Norman can prolly get a better background as well, leading up to why you had to move to Hoenn.

They could prolly give Wally a more dominant rival role instead of splitting the rival role between him and May/Brendan. Though making May/Brendan the Dawn/Lucas/Bianca role would be a little upsetting and kinda seem like a demotion. I mean I'd like for Wally to get more screen time as the rival, but I don't want to lose the classic Other Character Rival feel like in D/P.
While ill agree with you in that remakes have been just copy and paste games, but I think we have to look at the games they were paring up to. For instance a deep story didn't need to be aplied because well let's face it RS story wasn't that deep. With GS remakes they changed it up a little , they gave the rocket leaders individual personalities , appearance and even names. It just like team Galatics commanders had. They also did it nicely with the gym rematches givin a special area to fight them like in platinum.
So now we come to BW and BW2 where we now have a huge change in how to story goes( giving us one that's worthy of a RPG) so it would be a waste of time to remake the exact same game story wise when it's in the same gen as BW.
Now I know they haven't done that in the pass but like what was said 2 games can't really constitute as a pattern. And since the longest pattern has been broken( third game) I see no reason they wouldn't give us an enhanced story. There's really no reason they shouldn't .
So instead of giving us a remake give us a reimagining