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Really love this anime and have been watching non-stop 3 days ago since my friend introduced it to me. (I have school, otherwise I would have watched all 15 released episodes in about 6~7 hours)

My feelings about episode 14 and 15.

Every episode was really very nice and though I would love to have episode 14 to be a bit longer (especially the fight against that skeleton monster and Healthcliff) I think that that episode was a little weird 'cos Asuna went against the paralysed effect to save Kirito despite it being told as unrecoverable without a potion/orwhateveryoucallthat. I guess its the "power of love" as many shows have and it applies into the gameworld as well.

episode 15
I really love such episodes in an anime where they focus on the character relationship building and brings the story closer to characters instead of a lot of fighting. I feel that that guy who is going to get engaged to Asuna's a big jerk. All those smelling of her hand and hair is really pissing me off as it is pissing off Kirito. Nevertheless, really looking forward to ALO!
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