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Notes On The Update:

Remember that monster LIGHT had when you first battled him? Well, thanks to what's called "Dark Evolution" that monster Evolved into "Blazard", the monster you see Garchomp going up against in the screenshot. I'm sure some of you guessed it on sight though. Blazard may be the hardest monster(Can't call it a Pokemon cause it's not) you'll face in the hack other than Shadow Lugia. No, it's base stats are not ridiculous(It's Only 700), but it's very powerful with diverse type of attacks.

The screenshot of the player asking "Who is she?" Is a hint of something to come in Part 2.

The Final list of all the Wild Pokemon obtainable in every area of the hack is now up on the main post. Also, a list of evolutions in the hack that evolve differently from the gba/ds games is up on the main post now as well.

I'll be sending the rom to Atif now to re-map the areas in Beta 1. There won't be any more big updates until next month probably because once Atif is done re-mapping, the rom will then be sent to Tajaros for big scripting events. So I won't have the rom for awhile. This is good news though because the hack is almost done!

Oh, and ASH's Pikachu is something to be feared. Just look at that Sprite!