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Originally Posted by sab View Post
Okay... I've done some searching, and here's what I could come up with for the .gbs files: [link] My whole thought was that maybe this would be a good way to skip any "by ear" problems with songs, but I can't find much good documentation on how they are structured.
Also on a semirelated note, these links may help with manual music extraction: [link1] [link2]Those should almost definatly be of some use, assuming music extraction is still desired.
I remember looking at those articles before. I initially discounted them because it didn't look like there was enough in common between how GameBoy and GBA music was structured. However, with a bit of experimentation, I've found that all of those fine details actually can be properly had with .s format music. This requires a ton of voice changes throughout each song, but I now know how to majorly "translate" between the two formats. I'm still confused with how smooth, swift volume rises work (I currently just have the actual volume change, which is actually the "wrong" thing to do for GB Synth tracks) and how to utilize "E8," though.

Too bad I don't know programming, then I could just make something that would do the laborious job for me!
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