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Arceus. Said to be the creator of Pokemon. A Pokemon with emense amounts of power, the strongest of all Pokemon, and the rarest. 20 years from the vents of Black and White hae passed, and a new organization called, Team Omega plans to use Arceus's power. The group is made of the most powerful of trainers, and they plan to summon Arceus's by causing a war amongst the regions. Currently, they already have control of many legendary pokemon, and use them against the regions.

However, the sad part is, the world believes they do not exist. However, they will surface, and the world will be under their whimsy if someone doesn't stand up. However, four Legendary Pokemon remain free, Dialga, Palkia, Reshiram and Zekrom. They wait for four trainers, who they will partner with in order to prevent Omega from suceeding.

Players will start as new trainers who just got their starters, can either be the ones professors give you, or Pokemon given to you from family.


The RP will be taking place mainly in Sinnoh and Unova, players can use ferries and planes to travel between the two.

Important NPCS:

-Proffesor Dawn: After Proffesor Rowan passed, Dawn took his place and now researches about the myths of Sinnoh along side with Cynthia.
-Proffesor Juniper: A Proffesor studying the origins of Pokemon, Juniper resides in Nuvema Town in Unova.
-Bianca: Assistant to Juniper, Bianca used to a trainer, and now a researcher who gives out Pokemon to new trainers.
-N: The original partner to Reshiram
-Cynthia: The still reigning Champion of Sinnoh and a enthusiast of Pokemon Mythology.

Profile Creation:

Alliance: (Destined or Omega?)
Family Tree: (Are they related to a certain character?)
Pokemon Team:
Destined pokemon:

Pokemon Profile:
Move Set.


1. No Powerplay/Godmodding
2. No Bunnying/Controling Players
3. Be nice
4. Each post be at least a paragraph long, or more.
5. No Auto Hitting
6. You can't avoid every attack, be realistic (well, in Pokemon terms)
7. Have fun!