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Originally Posted by Pink Mommy View Post
Hi all!
Umm... Well, I'm new but you already know that...
Ok, uh... I'm a pokemon breeder, I breed perfect nature pokemon and, well obviously, I'm interested in trading. I can get you basically any pokemon you need from generation IV and under, if it can be bred, I have it. (I'm working on getting Generation V, but it's very scarce)
I'm looking for friends to trade with so that my babies might travel all around the world.
I'm not really interested in fighting, but I like to tag team (:
Hi there, Pink Mommy! Your best bet to find trades is probably in the Trade Corner, like I said above. You're eligible to create your own trade shop in the shops section of the TC if you have 20+ Pokemon to trade! There's also the Trade Corner Chit-Chat if you'd like to sit back and talk about trading, as well as the Quick Trade Thread for smaller trades that don't require a separate shop. n_n

Hopefully you've been browsing and enjoying your stay on PC so far!
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