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I thought it was a big step in the right direction. A "big step" doesn't mean that us Pokemon fans have to like everything - personally there were many, many things that I disliked about BW yet I still felt like the franchise was moving forward. One of the big things going for BW is that new players could easily enter the franchise- everything was explained, the game overall felt "new."

If we want the Pokemon franchise to continue, we want new fans, right?

I think that was Gamefreak's goal while creating this game. (However I'll admit, I don't actually know how well this goal was fulfilled, seeing as I'm an old player so I do like the game)

I do actually like some Pokemon games more than BW personally, some features sucked imo, even small ones. I guess I'm just really good at noticing the bad things aka I'm critical: the c-gear, the loading time in between entering buildings and closing things like the Pokemon team screen and the bag was awkwardly long, I disliked the new tilesets, the pixelly animations, etc. However there were lots of things that helped keep the pokemon fans interested in too, like they improved the pace of the battle in general, making after-turn actions happen somewhat quicker, they animated the battle sprites and that idea was pretty good, they tried out an actual narrative of some sort, etc.
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