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Name:Yi Liang
Age 13

credits to Pokedex-Himori from devinart.

He is helpful and likes to take care of pokemon.When he sees a injuried pokemon he will help to cure it and be friends with the pokemon.He is also very brave.He likes to go adventure and likes to train his pokemon.He always choose what he wants to eat or what he does not want to eat.To him Pokemon is his first life and eating is his second life.He always want to do most of the things quickly and he don't like to wait.He always likes to waste the money he get from winning trainers to buy some staff.

Team :
Moves:Razor Leaf,Vine Whip, Solar Beam,Sunny day
Ability: overgrow

Moveshadow Ball,Scratch,Tail Whip,Tackle

Moves:Future Sight,Psycic,Confusion,Metrome
Ability:Inner Focus

Moves:Flamethrower,Fire Blast,extream speed,Tackle
Ability:run away


A summary of how they spent their preparation day:
To prepare for the day,he spend lots of his money to buy potions and revive to heal his pokemon since there is no pokemon center or pokemon mart.He also train his pokemon by fighting each other.In that day,he also train his pokemon with some training activities like training their speed,strength,accuracy and of course defence.

Other useful info:
He lives in johto with his family,because his father is a pokemon trainer,he always sees his father battle with other trainers. He also have a sister which always force him to go to school.In school,he is always getting high marks in pokemon test.He gets his very first pokemon which is a bulbasaur from his father.He has talent in pokemon battles,since he train a lot his bulbasaur is now a venasaur.
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