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Hi everbody!

I didn't really know where to post my question, so i decided to post it here and hope it isn't too long.

I am currently working on a Pokemon Emerald Hack and since i'm not all that experienced, i need your help with the program "Advance Trainer".
I started off with the tool "Advance Starter" and changed the starters to Meowth, Snubbull and Whismur.
Now i'm trying to change the Rivals Starter-Pokemon directly in "Advance Trainer" to Mankey, Tyrogue and Makuhita. I first of all gave all a new offset cause of the custom moveset and item. It always works for the first Pokemon i change, but as soon as i change the second, the first one gets either reset or gets really strange movesets and items.

An example would be: I change the Rival with the Mudkip as Starter and give him a Tyrogue, i give it the moves "Fake Out" and "Tackle". Now, if i go and change the Rival with the Torchic to a Mankey, the Tyrogues Moveset changes to stuff like "Pay Day". If i go change it back, the Mankey gets reset and there's a Torchic again.

I guess it has to do with some sort of link those trainer files have to each other, does someone know how i can fix this?

Too, i'd really love to implement my own music, would be grateful if you can link me the most easy-to-understand guide in this forum!

Best regards and sorry for my bad English, i'm a foreigner.