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Here is my entry... I would probably complete this on Sunday so hang tight.

Name: Rhea Anna Zaplitz Bayford (Username: Rhianne)
Age: 17
Country: Switzerland

Appearance: <Description compulsory, picture optional - your appearance on both worlds is the same, bar weaponary/armour> ~imcomplete~
Personality: ~incomplete~
Life before SAO: Rhea was a frail Swiss girl who never had time to enjoy life. Because of her condition, her parents decided that she would be homeschooled and was stuck inside her house all day long, never experienced what is like being on the outside. ~incomplete~

Current Level: 7
Weapon: 2 Daggers
Non-Combat Skills: Cookery, Speed
Summary of first month in Aincrad: <Bullet points/Single Paragraph> ~incomplete~

Roleplay Sample: <First week in Aincrad, not including the lock-in> ~incomplete~
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