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Love is the sensation experienced when a trail of thoughts makes a gland in your brain release certain chemicals that affects your system and makes your body go "awyeah".

The reason for this is because humans - like all animals - are selfish. When we feel love towards our child, it is because we want to protect and care for them. Because evolution needs us to do that so our genes can be carried on. When we feel it towards a mate, it's because we feel like they will be able to give us good children. Unconsciously or not. When we feel it towards a friend or other family member, it is because we want to care for them so that they will care for us in return. Because we need them to lead a good life = survival. We are selfish, chemical beings.

That's what I believe ;) It's of course much more fun and dramatic to think of it as having to do with fate and whatnot. I mostly do that.
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