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Originally Posted by droomph View Post
Yes, a trial section! I've never actually paid attention those things, but if there was a subforum for that that was a bit less disorganized than that thread, I would definitely pay attention.

I'm sure lots would think the same!
Pretty sure we haven't had trial sections before, but it's surely something I'd want to see. Sure, as Alex mentioned, right now it looks like people just aren't really interested in music, but instead of shunning of the idea, then I agree that giving it a chance for a limited amount of time would be an idea, and then decide from the activity whether it's something that's needed or not. Of course the section would be way more active when its new than later on, but still, it's something I'm sure quite a few members would want to see, and it'd really make stuff like collaborations and reviewing music, and everything to it a lot easier. So yeah, I'm fully for the implemention of such a forum, even if it just starts out as a "trial forum" :>
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