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Quote originally posted by Ash493:
@Cyclone: Why do you always use Bulbapedia for hacks? :D Hacks do not have the same structure, just the base is same, you should know it by now
To answer. Rock Climb is TM39. You obtain it in Lauren in the first Gym. Which means, you don't need it to progress in Zheri.
I'm not using Bulbapedia for hack research. I'm using it to research what Generation III originally had. In short, if you double-check the end of my prior comment, I noted that Rock Tomb no longer exists in this hack and is replaced by Rock Climb in TM39.

What interests me most is whether the Pokémon that can learn Rock Tomb in Gen. III can learn Rock Climb naturally IN THIS HACK. Interestingly, since Scraggy is in this hack, I also equally wonder whether it learns Rock Climb naturally (it does in Unova).

I hate that we can't Fly until we reach Lauren, though. Oh well, it means I have a lot of backtracking to do if I really want to "catch 'em all"!

Speaking of "catching them all"...I can finally buy downgraded Great Balls. After I get that Surf HM, I could technically go everywhere I've been and collect. My nicely leveled Scyther will assist greatly towards Pokédex completion with the False Swipe ability. :D I just wish the regular Pokéballs were available, but I'm guessing they show up in Lauren as well in the first city. Super Repels will help greatly at 500 each; have something like 164K Pokécoins to spend.

BTW, does anyone know when and how we can collect the other eight starters that we did not select during the parts where the twelve all showed up? (I should probably say 10 and 15, mind...after all, I saw Samurott already.)

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