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I saw Zayphora's comment on my latest story, Missing, where he mentioned a Lavender Town Club, and I was like "WHAAAAAAAAT?! THERE'S A LAVENDER TOWN CLUB?! WHY HAVE I NOT HEARD OF THIS BEFORE?! So here I am.

Name: SeekerOfDarkness (A.k.a. Seeker, Ansem, w/e)
Pick a Pokemon from the list: Can we use Eevelutions? uhh How about 'M? Yet another glitch Pokemon.
What's you favorite creepy topic: I like the stuff that happens in game, with some mysterious backstory behind it.
Do you have a favorite character from a creepypasta?: Red, from "Glitchy Red". Also my favorite Creepypasta.

Anywho, I've never seen a good 5th Gen creepypasta. In fact, I don't think I've ever seen a 5th Gen Creepypasta at all. Hm. Wonder why. Other than the girl at marvelous bridge, there's nothing too creepy in BW at all. (I don't have B2W2 yet, so idk about those games). Even the Pokemon Tower replacement (I forget what they called it) wasn't creepy at all, despite being a grave site for Pokemon. If you ask me, though, the best Creepypastas come from the first 2 gens. There's just so much someone can do with those games. I just don't think there's enough strangeness to use in succeeding gens for a good creepypasta. (Course, i shouldn't say that, as I have plans for a story about the old lady at Snowpoint.)