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Yay! ^.^ This rp is going to rock! Finished!

Name: Nyx (Has abandoned birth name for a much simpler name.)

Age: 17

Gender: F

Nyx is a teenager with a short crop of hair on her head that she cut down so that it would be harder to grab. While not athletically built, she is fast enough to outrun the slow moving zombies and limber enough to fit through small openings that a normal sized adult would have a hard time getting through. After hearing rumors about how being bit would cause you to die Nyx switched out her wardrobe for something more protective. She now wears a long sleeved blue shirt with a sleeveless black jack over it. She wears long blue jeans with brown boots. Not one for being subtle, Nyx proudly wears her wrench on her belt. She has managed to also come across a black hat that she wears to stay warm during the time she travels around. On her back she has a blue backpack that stores all of the light supplies. Cubone has a smaller gray backpack that also holds items.

A majority of her clothes and face have dirt and grim on them and Nyx's face isn't one that is all smiles since a majority of the time she frowns or has an indifferent look about her.

Although she is rather young Nyx has already learned how to survive in this new world. For starters, she thinks of one thing above anything else, herself and the two she travels with. Since she already has a system going she will do anything to ensure that it continues running smoothly, such as ambushing the few survivors who would try to pick a place clean before she can get to it. She now sees the world as a place where only the strongest can survive and if she manages to kill another survivor than it is obvious to her that he or she would have died anyway and that she managed to perform a mercy killing on them. Due to all the various scourgers and people she has killed her feelings of horror at the various things that have happened during the outbreak have greatly diminished. She no longer screams at the sight of a man having his head ripped off or of having to kill a scourger that is a small child.

The only times she will make contact with another surviving group or person is if she sees something on their person that she needs and the force is too large to ambush or if she needs help with getting an item. Other than that she only hangs out only with pokemon for the most part. It has been because of her separation from other humans for so long that she finds that whenever she engages in casual conversation she often stammers and is unsure of how to talk about other topics not concerning the scourgers.

Nyx often finds herself wrestling with tough decisions and favors a safe approach to raiding stores of their valuables. If the situation isn't safe Nyx won't go for whatever is there unless she needs it desperately. She tends to stay away from high threat cities due to the nightmares she has of escaping Celadon, although if she can get something good from the city, then she'll take the opportunity to do so.

Nyx's family lived in Celadon city when the infection hit. At first, it was a huge blessing. Although Nyx only owned her Cubone she really didn't see the Pokerus as a big deal to herself. Cubone was only there to act as partner to her whenever she hiked. Her world turned upside down when undead pokemon began to flourish throughout Celadon. Since her parents were gone from the house she simply locked up her home when she saw huge mobs of pokemon and people outside killing others. That wasn't enough and the scourgers ended up entering through the windows of her home due to the security system going off and she quickly fled into the attic with Cubone and stayed up there for some time before she gathered the courage of coming back down. The alarm was still going off, but the scourgers had gone off to other areas when they couldn't find any living beings to eat. When she saw the chaos outside she knew she needed to get out of the city and gathered a few supplies to take with her. Out in the streets she saw many people and pokemon who had survived the initial attack being killed in the street. While they screamed out for her to help them she instead ran past with Cubone. Due to sheer blind luck she managed to find a route out of the city without that many scourgers blocking her way.

Once she got out she wandered for a few days before deciding to go back to Celadon City to see if the city had been cleaned up... it hadn't been. Instead it was more infested than when she had left! Desperate to know what was going on she instead headed to Lavender Town. The town still had working televisions and the residents were more than happy to inform her that the world had gone to s**t and the dead were rising. It didn't help her spirits that the area only had limited supplies. The television had said that destroying the brain would be able to kill off those that were undead.

With a heavy heart Nyx set off to Pewter City since there was also rumors that rock types couldn't be infected. Her hopes were dashed when she saw scourgers all over the area. She gained further insight when she noticed another group of survivors managing to break into a sports shop and setting off the alarm. The scourgers were on them in an instant and further studying showed that they went to wherever there was noise. Luckily the sports shop had a big enough group to hold the scourgers attention and she managed to raid a tool shop. With a wrench in hand Nyx set off to other shops rather quickly, spending only a few minutes at each one but was able to come out with some medicine that had been left behind. Not one to let a opportunity pass her, especially in the scourger filled town she only took that which was needed, which was only the wrench and supplies, and proceeded out of town.

While time passed rather quickly for her nothing dramatically different happened really. She just kept up her routine of gathering necessary supplies from Pewter City. It was one day when she entered the city that she came upon some corpses of undead she had managed to kill a week before when she noticed a pokeball on one of the corpses. Seeing it as an opportunity to catch another rock type she left the city with it, but upon opening it a uninfected Grovyle was released. After calming down the panicked grass type she bluntly informed him that his trainer was dead and that he worked for her now. Although not enthusiastic at first she happily informed him that she could just leave him out in the wilderness to get killed off. After that he changed his tune, although he was still wary around her.

Now with two pokemon Nyx left Pewter to find another town she could pick clean and hopefully survive a bit longer in this new world.

Pokemon: Cubone

Personality: Cubone has been with Nyx since the whole fiasco started. Since she is her original trainer Cubone feels a lot of loyalty toward Nyx and never questions her orders. With her bone Cubone is able to perform many feats, such as breaking windows in a building to set off the alarms and quickly draw the scourgers to it. She too like Nyx is wary around other survivors and agrees fully with her master about mercy killing other survivors.
Moves: Bone Club, Earthquake, Bonemerang, Rage

Pokemon: Grovyle

Personality: While Nyx doesn't know much about Grovyle, the grass-type has been fair enough about pitching in when she does need help. Truth of the matter is that Grovyle is still concerned about finding his trainer, not believing Nyx that he is indeed dead. Grovyle is rather wary around Nyx, but if the opportunity arises he wants to get free from her and look for his trainer.
Moves: Leaf Blade, ???, ???, ??? (Nyx only knows that Grovyle knows Leaf Blade since she hasn't had much practice with battling with him.)

Opening Post:
The weather wasn't that bad today. Not too hot, but not too cold either. There was a light breeze that caused the trees to sway a bit. There was the sound of shoes crunching against the grass and dirt as three humans walked through the forest. Only one had a backpack on, and by the look of it, it was only half full of stuff. The three were talking in rather low voices as they moved along. One of them did have a hatchet in his hands, and by the blood on it, it looked like he had a lot of practice with it. The three looked young, around twenty years old. Obviously the three had done well to survive this long, but in the end not everyone lived and this was now a time where the strong survived. The three were obviously very surprised when suddenly a loud ringing echoed in the forest. The ringing got louder and louder as the three looked around confused and the one with the pack quickly pulled it off and put his ears to it to try and see if the sound was coming from one of the contents in there. The sound got louder and louder until it seemed that it was right above the three's heads. Then... the sounds of loud moaning and groaning began to echo around the forest.

The three began to look around worriedly as numerous scourges began to emerge from the trees. Perhaps they weren't as great friends as she previously though when one of them looked at the sheer number of zombies and quickly began to run back where they had entered the area from, but he was soon screaming as he ran past a tree and was grabbed by a scourge and bitten into. The one with the hatchet reached out and began to dig his weapon into the scourger's skulls. A few fell to his attacks but as more and more scourgers emerged they just crowded around him too much and grabbed onto him as they tore into his body while he screamed out. The last one didn't put up much resistant, more along just whimpering and then screaming as he was eaten. As time passed eventually the screams fell silent as the ringing noise suddenly stopped. The scourgers continued to eat but after a while they stopped and just stood for some time before heading off into random parts of the forest once more. After a while, give or take a few seconds the three bodies that had previously been feasted on began to stir. Slowly the three stood up and groaned a bit as they walked off as well. Two minutes passed by before a figure dropped from a tree and landed softly on the ground. Nyx smirked as she saw the hatchet that had fallen to the ground and picked it up. There was a soft thump as Cubone dropped to the ground as well and looked around with her bone raised just in case. She was shortly followed by Grovyle who looked rather sick as he gazed at the blood on the ground. Nyx pulled out her wrench as she put her new hatchet on her belt and approached Grovyle with the wrench.

"Here, hold onto this and you can have a few more inches that will separate you from them."

Grovyle frowned and shook his head. "Either death or life. What do you want?" She asked callously. "Besides, they don't need it anymore."

The Grovyle paused and grabbed the wrench. "Good, now let's get going." She said as she grabbed the cell phone she had lent Grovyle and pocketed. Although there was no one to call the ringtones could still prove to be valuable distractions. Cubone walked tall next to her master while Grovyle just sported a shamed look on his face as he followed after the two.
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