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Originally Posted by Spherical Ice View Post
Well, I think special 0xcb in JPAN's Hacked Engine allows you to set scripts upon button pressing but its really glitchy and I cant get it to work.
You're supposed to make the script loop. Since you need to press the button at the "exact" second of execution (just the way the script was made). In his guide he shows how to make it loop so it'll get the button press. I've gotten it to work.

Speaking of the topic,
JPAN started this with his hack Engine, with having scripts activate everytime you take a step.
As he states in his guide, unfortunately, this CANNOT be used to make a follow me script, since it takes priority and has "lock" commands upon activating. Since script tiles naturally have a "lock" effect and that's what this feature was based on.

Jambo51 has made a successful follow me script (well, he says it's not completed, but it's the farthest anybody has gotten). Which means he understands running background scripts (from what I can see).
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