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My personal opinion regarding N... Well, it'll probably be no different than anything else that's been said but whatever, this is my two cents...

This is definitely not clear cut in my opinion. While he was played for a fool by Ghetsis all the way through B/W, it's not really fair to say he was a real fool.
Many of us take the ideals we're raised with for granted, and N is no different.
He wasn't portrayed as a particularly intelligent person, but he had drive, and people with drive are highly admirable.
That said... He DID take a radical philosophy for granted and pit it against the wider world, while not looking into what kind of organization he was in charge of(at ANY point).
I heard the term 'glorified hippie' used in an earlier post, but really... He WAS a hero of legend. It's pretty apt to say he deserved the glory, hippie or not. So all in all, yeah... He is a bit of a confused little kid... But he's also a champion for a cause, whether that cause be good, bad or somewhere in-between. That's darn impressive.

Also, he's really, really cool and handsome(be quiet, I can like his green hair if I want. >w>).

- Beheaded Kamikaze; Serious Sam 3.
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